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Kat Astrade fantastic Hawaii wedding on Oahu - Sunset wedding picture

For majority of my adult life I've been so used to planning events; day events, family events, public events, to large marketing events, but let me tell ya - planning for a wedding especially my own in a place I have never been before and knew nothing of, was the most over whelming event I could ever imagine. I called several wedding planners around the island, non had captured me the way Paul talked to me for the first time. I was new to Hawaii the first time I met Paul & Dewi, and right away it was an instant connection. I felt very confident with them, to where all the anxiety, and the over whelming feeling slowly lifted off my shoulders. With any wedding, "the strive for perfection" would be rated as an understatement as every couple wants to achieve beyond this level. The simplicity and elegance Paul & Dewi set up for my husband and I's wedding at Waimanalo Bay captured our wedding beyond the levels of perfection. As some of my guest commented calling it: "a view out of a fairy tale". To Paul and Dewi for all your hard work and understanding through all the planning, I salute you both. Thanks for making our day as magical as we dreamed & may you continue to show others to their "fairy tales".

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