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A surprise proposal in Hawaii ~ Oahu


Proposal Photograher : Alohaislandwedding

Chris and Reyna Review :

Words can't express how happy I (we) were to work with Paul and Dewi! I originally called Paul and spoke to him about a surprise proposal (paparazzi style) and he loved the idea. Coming from NJ and with my (now) fiancé unaware, Paul worked with me with the six-hour time difference to be secretive so she wouldn't have any idea.

We finalized all the details and then came the day of the proposal. Dewi was fantastic at not giving anything away and captured the true raw emotion on my fiancé's face. It absolutely was the best day of our lives and Dewi captured it. Her photography on that day was phenomenal. She knew exactly where to place us, how to use the scenery around us, angles, you name it and she nailed it.

When we did the engagement shoot (this time it wasn't a surprise for my fiancé) Paul and Dewi went above and beyond for us. We re-enacted the proposal which gave us wonderful photos to hang on our wall. Again, the same energy as the proposal date except this time it was in a different setting and planned. The props and set up they had for us helped make for a more magical day.

Since being back home we have a wall dedicated to their work because we want all our friends to see. I can't thank Paul and Dewi enough for their dedication to the craft!

Highly recommend!

THANK YOU FOR LETTING US BE A PART OF THIS SPECIAL DAY! CONGRATULATIONS Chris & Reyna ❤️ Chris and Reyna met at the same snowboard shop they used to work at. While they never worked together, through work friends, they saw each other during group outings. It wasn't until the summer of 2020 when Chris finally had the courage to ask Reyna out on a date while on their friends boat. That first date led to many more that summer realizing they enjoyed similar activities as one another. Such activities as snowboarding, working out, love for animals and excitement for other cultures' foods.  

At a Halloween Party that same year, it was Reyna who uttered the words "I love you" first. Already knowing he had the same feelings she did, he said it back immediately and added "we should move in together". In February 2021 they finally moved in together. While all their furniture got delayed, it was a moment the two of them were having on the floor, laughing together, enjoying each others company that Chris said "you know I'm going to marry you one day right?" She replied with a "I know".

When the trip to Hawaii was planned, all mutual friends thought the proposal was going to happen. Chris kept brushing it off saying they needed to buy a house first before the engagement. That was the story to not give anything away when secretly, he knew it was going to happen. For her birthday, Chris planned a private beach day which was where he was going to pop the question. The clear water and the volcanic mountain range in the background, it was the perfect place for them to officially start their lives together!


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