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Wedding Proposal in Hawaii 
at Makapu'u Beach 


 Wedding Proposal story of Tommy where he proposed in Hawaii on the island of Oahu  . Tommy Jing first met at work on end of 2018, they actually didn’t have a good first impression about each other. However work brought them closer and they started to get to know each other and became best friends.  They started dating right when COVID happened and could not go on dates like regular couples. Instead they spent more time indoors, cooking, watching movie, learning about each other and fell deeply in love as each day goes by. This pandemic is wrong is most of the ways but one right thing it did is that it brought us closer and made realized that we have found the soul mate we have been searching for and the one we want to spent the rest of our lives with. their original plan to get married and start their own family by end of 2020, now their little baby boy get to witness the love as well.  They both love traveling, exploring new places and being foodies, and excited to bring their future kids along with them. They ultimate goal is to retire early and become islander at Hawaii!