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We delight in providing unique enchanting fairytale Hawaii weddings 
from sandy white pacific shores to the lush surroundings and 
mountainous panoramic views.
We offer 5 Star VIP Service, with award winning Video + Photography .
Feel the Mystic of Naturally Native
Hawaii Beach Weddings,
Resort Wedding, Waterfall & Estate Wedding

Pink and white themes beach wedding with harp
white and sage green Hawaii beach wedding
Golden Renaissance harp at beach wedding
multi color plumeria flowers on the wedding pathway
White beach wedding chairs with green fern
lava rock and beach archway in Hawaii
swirl of pinks for Hawaii beach wedding
bird of paradise flowers at beach wedding Oahu

Traditional ~ Reflective ~ Embrace ~ Details ~ Profile ~ Walking ~ Playful ~ Kissing



Kahala Beach is right next to 5 star hotel just about 10 minuets from Waikiki , We like this area because is it the dryer part pot the island plus the beautiful landscapes of palms trees to a small island of of the point lends itself to 

photograph imagery of natures beauty

About the Venue: 

🌺 We only offer this location on weekdays , earlier in the day until 3pm is ideal for the tide is lower for more beach area .
🌺 No direct sunsets you only get the colors changing in the sky
🌺 Sunrises are exceptionally beautiful rising over Kokohead mountain  
🌺 Location: Near Kahala Resort about 10 minutes from Waikiki.

🌺 Great for photos shoots and weddings

🌺 Group Size: 20 people maximum (including couple and guests).


An outdoor venue of parks and beaches right in the heart of the Honolulu . From Sunrise to Sunsets to sailboats and banyan trees this place has an array choices for photos . Views of iconic Diamond Head with the view of hotels doting the Waikiki landscape.  There is Sandy beach also a green grassy lawn, and lava rock lookout point. If your wanting to have a Sunset wedding near your hotel in Waikiki this is the location for you.

About the Venue 

🌴 Best on weekdays because it gets very busy in the park on the weekends Great sunrise and sunset location 
🌴 Available: 7 days a week, 8:00am- Sunset .
🌴 Location: South shore, 10 minutes from Waikiki.

🌴 Decor: Flower hearts: arches plus flower pathways.

🌴 We prefer to take up to 35 guest for this location .


Sandy Beach is located right outside of Honolulu on the south eastern shore  about 25 minute drive from Waikiki .Views of an extinct volcano by the shoreline and lava rocks with tide pools make this a favorite location for weddings and photography :

About the Venue: 

🌺 Time : Usually is hot from 1100am to 200pm so we                     recommend before or after that Tim​e
🌺 Beach Park is Open All Day from Sunrise to Sunset
🌺 Weekends are crowded 

🌺 Flower Hearts / Circles / Pathways are available

🌺 Parking and Restrooms available here. ​​

Iconic landmark island known as China mans hat by the location is a charming backdrop for your wedding in Hawaii  Beach there is a large park which offers views of palm trees and magestic mountain ranges

About the Venue :

🌴 Recommendation: Earlier in the day is less crowded
🌴 Available: only on Weekdays at this location amazing sunrise at this location 
🌴 Location: North shore about 45 drive from Waikiki.

🌴 Decor : Flower Hearts / Circles / Pathways are available
🌴Travel fee for vendors will be added



A small botanical garden located right in the heart of the city, what makes this location special is a natural waterfall with beautiful trees and green grassy lawn .

About the Venue

🌺 Recommendation: Lighting is great at any time of day.
       Later in the afternoon offers softer, less vibrant colors.
🌺 Recommended time : Weekdays before pm
🌺 Location: Heart of the city .

🌺 Decor : Flower Hearts / Circles / Pathways available

🌺 5 minuet walk down to the Waterfall

This spot is a favorite for those who are staying out the West side of Oahu which has Aulani Resort / Koolina beach Resort and the Four Seasons . this is a small beach and does get very crowded during sunset time . Crashing waves against the lava rocks and sea turtles are often seen here

About the Venue :
🌴 Recommend best on weekdays before sunset
🌴 Location: West Shore over an hour drive
🌴 Decor : Flower Hearts / Circles / Pathways available
🌴 Due to the size of the beach 15 people maximum 


For the ultimate Hawaii wedding experience, we highly recommend considering
a private venue for the ceremony and first photo shoot location.


*Available for Beach chapel arch package and higher.

 Events at our private venues must be done through our in-house team. Outside vendors are not permitted.

Hawaii Estate Wedding

Are you dreaming of a wedding in paradise? A Hawaii estate wedding could
be the luxurious and romantic celebration you've always envisioned.

With breathtaking scenery, elegant venues, and a touch of Hawaiian charm,
saying "I do" in Hawaii is a truly unforgettable experience.

Ocean Hale Plumeria

Ocean Hale Plumeria with deep green lawns and ocean views has gorgeous tropical floral grounds with old white plumeria flowering trees if your looking for a stunning estate this house has all you need.  This estate house in Hawaii is about 25 minuets from Waikiki and is available to hold your wedding and reception 

Info on the Venue : 

🌺 Nestled in a beach community on south coast of Honolulu
🌺 We Recommend Weekdays up until 3pm
🌺 Reception : available with private chefs and custom dining 

🌺 Perfect for groups up to 60
🌺 The Price for this location is : $2,100

🌺Price includes arch, 30 chairs, and water station. 
🌺 Create your own style archway with chairs all is available to modify ! 

plumeria aloha .png