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Falling Into Forever
   Hawaii Beach Wedding 
 are all about keeping your ceremony stress-free 

Oahu wedding flowers
Oahu wedding flowers
Oahu wedding flowers
Oahu wedding flowers
Oahu wedding flowers

Hawaii Wedding -Wedding in Hawaii

Art designed Hawaii beach arches with your Imagination in play
"The stars are my candles, the sun is my light, the clouds are my shade, and the translucent
blue sky my stain glass windows. The sounds of the sea is a choir and the gentle wind the movement
of Love, with sand beneath the feet we will
marry in Gods own Cathedral"

Hawaii beach wedding at Magic Island in Honolulu on the island of Oahu

Magic Island is one of the few public wedding venues close to Waikiki  and has an amazing backdrop.  Location: South shore, Magic Island is located about 5 minutes from Waikiki, across the street from Ala Moana Shopping Center. The Diamond Head view is Magic Island's main attraction, as well as beautiful sunsets to the West. Plenty of wide open space,  this is the most convenient wedding venue in Waikiki



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