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Hawaiian wedding packages

Our packages are created to be flexible and are able to be customized to fit your theme color, designs & ideas . 
You may create your own wedding here by adding or taking out any items within the packages , 
We will do our best in finding you secluded beautiful beach sites and work with you on building the wedding 
you are wanting , also we provide coordination with private estate reception party ideas . 
You are the artist of your own ceremony so let us know the colors, 
style and theme you desire and we add our heart and expertise 
into your Hawaii wedding experience . 
We have learned thoughout the years that brides and grooms have wonderful imaginations 
in creating design concepts special for their wedding , so actually its the bride and groom who have inspired 
us in making all of these beautiful designs!. 
We will work our best to learn from you and listen to your ideas , 
All the weddings you see have been custom designed by lovers like you. 

"The stars are my candles, the sun is my light, the clouds are my shade, and the translucent blue sky my 
stain glass windows. The sounds of the sea is a choir and the gentle wind the movement of Love, 
with sand beneath the feet we will marry in Gods own Cathedral"

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