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Enchanting mermaid  photo shoots on the island of Oahu

Have you ever imagined being a mermaid?,  Now here is your chance , we offer here at Aloha island Weddings the opportunity to play in the ocean as a mermaid in Hawaii , choose the photoshoot time after your wedding in Hawaii or your vow renewal or even after your proposal on Oahu . We offer many custom style and made mermaid tails with a variety of colors to choose from , we also provide flower head leis of sea shells or flowers plus different variety of tops .
We also offer the day after your event 
photos tour packages  around the island where we bring you to hidden beach coves , beautiful waterfalls in the forest and secluded beaches we also have Hawaiian hula costumes to choose from . Choose from our selection of tails and Hawaiian style tops  or bring your own ! . So allow yourself to  spurge on an exciting addition to your photo package session with one of our creative fun photographers , please take a look at a few of our mermaid photos and video clips below and just imagine of yourself as a mermaid too . We offer on the beach , or waterfall location plus we offer to go underwater with you as you swim with your mermaid tale playing in the ocean with underwater cameras . We have safety in mind  and choose safe peaceful serene shoreline that Oahu has to offer . 



Nada and Amit married on the Windward side of the island of Oahu at Kualoa Ranch address 49-560 Kamehameha Highway ,Kualoa are has beautiful sweeping vows of the beach park with an island called Chinamen"s hat , the location is expansive with over  3,900-acre of pasture forest nature with beautiful mountains stretching along the coastline , many time horses are grazing along the road  The location 3 valleys: Kaʻaʻawa , Kualoa, and Hakipuʻu Valley.

After the wedding at Kualoa Nada got her feet wet and turned back into a mermaid and the photographer Dewi was able to catch some special moments of her on the beach towards the east side of the island known as Sandy's .   


EZRI & BECKY GARCIA  came to Hawaii for their ten year vow renewal wedding celebration  and decided to celebrate their anniversary with a special photoshoot with their two children on Oahu . After the family photo and romantic shots with her husband Ezri , Becky put on the  purple mermaid tale with a sea shell head Hawaiian crown for her hair with a matching colorful amethyst bathing suit top .
Ezri wore a purple and white Tahitian style lava lava wrap around and they looked awesome together !.
The location area for this shoot took place on the East coast of Oahu called as Eternity beach by the locals  or Halona cove beach as written in the tourist books , this area  is known for its beautiful azure deep blue waters and black cliffs of lava rocks . This beach cove has recently become even more popular with tourist with the advent of social media so we all met earlier in the morning for beginnings of the Vow renewal and Becky's mermaid photoshoot .  We love this location for its views and mossy lava rocks and they even have a mermaid small tide pool  plus right around the beach cove to the right is
the blow hole .  


We had a lot of fun working with Sky who just graduated from college and treated herself to a mermaid photo shoot at Waialae Beach Park and Kahala Resort beach where they have dolphin shows right in the pools at the 5 star hotel . Sky wore the iridescent purple mermaid tale with a white sea shell top and flower arrangement of purple moon orchids with Hawaiian fern and eucalyptus leaves for her hair . Sky our beautiful mermaid was a lot of fun to take photo with and we wish her all the best for her future ahead of her . During the video and photo shoot our enchanting mermaid Sky found a blue starfish on the shore and a magical green rock hiding along the coast of Lava. 

For Felecia's 30 year birthday photoshoot and their daughter's 6 year birthday celebration this family took part in on a fun mermaid style portrait fun shoot at the beach on the southern east of Oahu called Waialae Beach Park right next to Kahala Hotel where they have live dolphin shows every afternoon .

Note from Felecia  : Where to start. So I have never celebrated myself or been celebrated. Not even an actual wedding, but for my 30th birthday, I wanted to do something special, something I will always remember. Something I can hold on to, to share with my future grandkids. Something to look back on when am old to remember the good old days, while my body is still looking good. So when I told our photographer my dream of what I wanted this day to be he helped me bring it to life, without me breaking the bank. I am super happy with the outcome of my photos and will say they are all easily my favorite. Since my daughter and I share almost the same birthday we thought it be super cute if she was included too a a little mermaid  outfit as well. It was so full doing the photos including my husband and daughter at the very last minute. Thanks for making this the best birthday ever. I will forever hold this remembering when I turned 30.

" 30 is the new 20.
30 and fabulous. 30 and forever young.
30 and living the dream. 30 and ble

Felecia & Logan Photos