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Enchanting mermaid  photo shoots on the island of Oahu
Have you ever imagined being a mermaid?,
 Now here is your chance , we offer here at Aloha island Weddings the opportunity to play in the ocean as a mermaid in Hawaii , choose the photoshoot time after your wedding in Hawaii or your vow renewal or even after your proposal on Oahu . We offer many custom style and made mermaid tails with a variety of colors to choose from , we also provide flower head leis of sea shells or flowers plus different variety of tops .
We also offer the day after your event 
photos tour packages  around the island where we bring you to hidden beach coves , beautiful waterfalls in the forest and secluded beaches we also have Hawaiian hula costumes to choose from . Choose from our selection of tails and Hawaiian style tops  or bring your own ! . So allow yourself to  spurge on an exciting addition to your photo package session with one of our creative fun photographers , please take a look at a few of our mermaid photos and video clips below and just imagine of yourself as a mermaid too . We offer on the beach , or waterfall location plus we offer to go underwater with you as you swim with your mermaid tale playing in the ocean with underwater cameras . We have safety&