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Felecia Colburn

My 30 Year Birthday PhotoShoot

@ Waialae Beach Park

with my Husband Logan as Merman & our beautiful daughter Persephone as The Little Mermaid .

For Felecia's 30 year birthday photoshoot and their daughter's 6 year birthday celebration the family took part in on a mermaid style portrait shoot at the beach on   of Waialae Park right next to Kahala Hotel on the Southern Eastside of the island where they have live dolphin shows every afternoon .

Note from Felecia  : Where to start. So I have never celebrated myself or been celebrated. Not even an actual wedding, but for my 30th birthday, I wanted to do something special, something I will always remember. Something I can hold on to, to share with my future grandkids. Something to look back on when am old to remember the good old days, while my body is still looking good. So when I told our photographer my dream of what I wanted this day to be he helped me bring it to life, without me breaking the bank. I am super happy with the outcome of my photos and will say they are all easily my favorite. Since my daughter and I share almost the same birthday we thought it be super cute if she was included too a a little mermaid  outfit as well. It was so full doing the photos including my husband and daughter at the very last minute. Thanks for making this the best birthday ever. I will forever hold this remembering when I turned 30.

" 30 is the new 20.
30 and fabulous. 30 and forever young.
30 and living the dream. 30 and blessed."