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Each wedding is unique , we make sure we know her preferences and
will deliver the Bride looking magnificent to say "I Do"

Enhancements Bridal In Style :
Hair Styling & Makeup + Air Brush            
Bridal Makeup Only                                       

Bridal Hair Only                                             

Hair Extensions                                          
Eyelash Extension                                           

Additional BRIDAL PARTY guests: 

Makeup Only                                                

Hair Styling Only                                          



Spa Body Treatments 
Traditional Hawaiian Massage                        

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage                 


Special Bridal Package "Treatment Enhancements" include :
      ~The healing art of traditional Hawaiian massage therapy for 1 Hr  {Day of your choice}
      ~Hair styling for the Bride & Make-Up~Air Brush ~ Eyelash Extension  {on wedding day}


Fresh ~ Timeless ~Beautiful

For questions or bridal inquiries, please fill out the following Contact Form.
Request for Bridal Styling 

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Aloha Island Weddings
Phone :  1 808  294 9385 




1154 Fort Street Mall
 Honolulu - Hi   96813


"E Kipa Hou Mai"
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