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Proposal designs on the beach in Hawaii , with tropical Hawaiin flower colors set on O and Waikiki plus the north shoreahu
hawaiian flowers wedding
Flowers arrangements in the hotel
hawaiian flowers wedding


Perfect by Ed Sheeran


Aloha Island Weddings has been helping couples get married renew vows and now we are offering Proposal's in Hawaii !

Our Newest Proposal Picture:
An intimate & simple Oahu proposal featured at :  Hawaii engagement / proposal
DESIGN PROPOSAL    Hawaii Engagement / Proposal:  PHOTO GALLERIES


Flower Heart with Marry Me sign
This package is our standard most sought after offering , which includes a large flower heart , tea cakes , drinks { for toasting } ,
" Marry Me " signs to choose from , lots and lots of photos ,  pathway of flowers to the heart and much more
please check the link below to see all that is it includes .

 "Hawaii Beach Romance"  Proposal Package

🌿"Paradise Love" Proposal Package $680    🌿"Shabby Chic Picnic" Proposal Package    


Proposal Photography        Proposal Photography & Videography.

Here's what's included for your enchanting Proposal Package in Hawaii  :
🌿  Just Photos Proposal Package 
🌿  Paradise Love Proposal Package 
🌿  Beach Romance Proposal Package
🌿  Shabby Chic Picnic Proposal Package
🌴 Proposal Setup Ideas /Proposal Packages 


Photographer for 1hr-30min Shoot :

  • A professional photographer with two different cameras will be there surprising with photos while proposing and romantic  captures . Up to 300 photos all edited 

Up to 300 Digital photos all shot in raw edited in photo shop with full resolution with owner of print release :

  • In the 1hr and 30 min shoot, your photographer will take at least 300 photos. All photos will have standard batch edits done for contrast, saturation, brightness, etc. 

  • Edited photos will be uploaded to an online gallery and emailed to you. 

  • included is your own website gallery of your special day from beginning to end you are also offered the release of photos to make your own ,  instagram albums, and social media post .


All permits are included for an event on the beach :

  •  Permits for Commercial Activities / Beach Weddings

  • Aloha island weddings processes  as an insured company with the state of Hawaii the  right-of-entry permit for a beach events or other commercial activity on unencumbered State shorelines only.  Please note that a few beaches in the State are managed by other government agencies, e.g. the counties.  We provide the couples the paper work in order to have a ceremony legally on the beach .  

  • Wedding , vow renewals and proposals are not allowed to be over 30 guest and that includes the couple and vendors 

  • Please call us at 808 294 9385 to go over the  permitted beach site location .  

We will go over location ideas and help you  plan the day so your lover will be surprised on her proposal day on the beach .

We will send location google pins and location photos in an exact coordinated plan 

Proposal photos & video media packages  includes everything previously listed, plus:

Videographer for 1-Hour Shoot :

  • A professional videographer will be there to capture the proposal as well as the engagement shoot to follow.

  • We'll make plans to secretly get a microphone on you. 

Here are some examples of our Proposal Video & Highlight Videos :

If you want to be mic while you ask her hand in marriage we have wireless microphone that could be hidden near the sign .  


Here are some great ideas to add on for your proposal
below for the package add-on options. Flower Heart and circle
Picnic proposal , Extra flower bouquet of fresh roses ,
butterfly release


A flower heart or circle you may customize the flower colors of your choice !  

Choose Your Proposal  Flower Design Option :
Beach Romance Proposal Package includes
🌴 Romantic Engagement / Proposal  Flower Heart :

Enhance your Hawaii proposal  with a romantic beautiful flower heart of love. Hawaiian proposal  flower heart or flower circle are very popular on Hawaiian beaches. Filled with native Hawaiian flowers and leaves it simply adds something special to your  engagement 

🌴  Design Circle of  Flowers :
Hawaiian Engagement / Proposal  circle of flowers in the sand add to the Hawaii feel.  You have complete freedom in choosing your Hawaii flowers, Hawaii settings and colors Circle of Flowers creates a place and a center point for you to stand during your proposal  in the sand. It really brings both you and your fiancé together in a never-ending circle of love.

🌴 Design Half moon of Flowers :

*Two Monarch Butterflies Release 

hawaiian flowers wedding
Flowers arrangements in the hotel
hawaiian flowers wedding

Our packages are created to be flexible and are able to be customized to fit your theme color, designs & ideas . You may create your own engagement / proposal here by adding any items within the packages ,  so please read carefully below! 

Engagement / Proposal
Packages & Places Ideas
Choose Your Proposal Package Option: