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*Ua Mau ke Ea oka 'Aina ika Pono o Hawaii * 
We are meant for each other My soul My amore  
My beach wedding design
Where fantasy meets enchanted reality



Ambrosia captivating intake * Engage & Create The islands of Hawaii
stationed in the middle of the Pacific ocean are thousands of miles away from any large land area this gives the island some of the most purest air, clear sea waters and of course pristine tropical white sandy beaches as seen in the photos . This page is designed to show you what is possible with several examples of Hawaii beach ceremonies on the island of Oahu where couples have created beautiful beach setups. Hawaii beach weddings are as diverse and as unique as people are. The set up made use of the vibrant colors of Hawaii's nature,
fire sun monarch silk butterflies ocean blue pastel sashes .

award winning Hawaii photographers, videographers

~Wedding Design Wiki Tiki ~

~Wedding Design Wiki Tiki ~

This island beach design uses the simplicity of bamboo to create a look of all natural and high elevated dark wood bamboo poles suggest a royal element . Two lighted bamboo tiki torches on the sides of the aisle way denote the entrance and are especially wonderful during sunrise and sunset , the dark bamboo poles with fresh blooms of white peony bouquets sitting atop the tall poles with Koa wooden chairs for this wedding beach ceremony design . Accents down the sides of the aisleway are Hawaiian sage green fern with a traditional conch shells on either side of the entrance to where the bride starts her walk down the pathway , the shells are often blown by the minister to signal the start of
the Hawaiian wedding ceremony .  ​

Arch Design 
*Grecian Goddess*

~Arch Design * Grecian Goddess ~

Parallel placements of the Greek white column arch are set
to be next to the bride and groom arranged vertically with clusters of flowers cascading like a waterfall  of white orchids and purple moon or scientifically known as 
Phalaenopsis  amabilis , sage green fern line the aisle way to the path up to the columns, this beach wedding design comes with 4 asymmetrical white pillars and may include
white or wooden chairs , pillows and benches 


~Triangular Wedding Gazebo ~ 
Unique triangular gazebo with greenery Very trendy, 
totally simple and breathtaking  for wedding ceremonies 





Randa &Ramy







~ Shabby Chic Wedding Picnic ~ 



Indian Beach
Wedding Mandap

~Indian Beach wedding Mandap ~

A very festive indian Mandap was created on the beach in Hawaii with the colorful theme of turquoise , gold and Fuschia . The flowers used were native to Hawaii with dark pink hibiscus and variants of pink plumerias plus accents of sun yellow hibiscus that are found growing abundantly on the island of Hawaii .


~ Monstera Beauty ~
Beautiful bamboo arch design on Oahu made with Monstera leaves picked from the rainforest with baby
Palms , bird of paradise , bright red ginger and yellow and red proteas from the active volcano region of the Big Island of Hawaii. The flowers on the pathway included white plumerias with the eye of yellow , pineapple and palm leaves dotted the sides of the aisle way up to the arch which gave the design a natural nature feeling leading to the centerpiece of the Monstera Archway
~Driftwood Arch~


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