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Take flight in the deep blue sky of peace, faithfulness, and
purity with a Ceremony Dove release in Hawaii !

Aloha Island Weddings offers the release of white doves that are lovingly cared for on the island of Oahu , 
We provide the option of 2 or more doves at the ceremony
call us for pricing and reserving the doves 
There is something very special about doves in nature that reminds us all of peace and love that are full of 
Wonder to watch take flight in the air, it reminds me of whale watching whales rise to the surface of the pacific ocean during the mating season in Hawaii. We believe in bringing nature's splendor to
beach wedding events in Hawaii.  Doves have a deep integral history symbolism,
purity of love and freedom in finding your soulmate. Guests always have fun with the release by
watching the doves fly away together; it's quite remarkable imagery that the  photographers love to capture too . 

So if you're wanting to add something extra into your ceremony on the beach of  Oahu why not 
add some doves.  
Aloha Island Weddings offer white dove for your ceremony at beach such as 
Waimanalo Beach Park County,  Makapuu beach park,  Sandy beach on the East side,  
Waikiki,  Waialae beach,  North Shore areas such as Haleʻiwa Beach Park , Puaʻena Point ,
 Laniakea (or Turtle) Beach , Chun’s Reef and Chun’s Reef . 
We offer several packages from large flocks of 12 doves to a more intimate release of two .


In many cultures especially in the christian europe areas the release of white doves denotes :
Amore , peace, good luck and healthy life  and creates a metaphor of embodiment to free flight in your
adventures of husband and wife together .  With each Dove arrives a white wicker basket and
will be brought up to the wedding couple right after the
wedding minister pronounces them husband and wife. Together they open the lids of the baskets and let fly the doves within . 

hawaiian flowers wedding
Flowers arrangements in the hotel
hawaiian flowers wedding
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Wedding Dove Release


Begin Your Happily Ever After 

hawaiian flowers wedding
Flowers arrangements in the hotel
hawaiian flowers wedding
White dove wedding.png
White flower with dove release wedding.png