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Diego  & Irene 
Our Marriage proposal 
North Shore ~ Oahu ~ Hawaii 
Jan- 20th 2022  


This is our story, 


Irene and I met at work years ago and we started our friendship in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We love the tropical weather of the Island and wanted to take advantage of the many places Puerto Rico has to dance and have fun. By doing this and spending more time together, our friendship grew stronger, I realized we had a lot in common and we became much closer. As we bonded more, the love grew and formalized our relationship. Destiny and work brought us together to Washinton, DC. While in DC, I decided it was time to take our relationship to the next was time for a proposal!   


Irene was going to visit her son stationed in Hawaii and since we both love the beach and I knew how important her sons and grandson are to her, Hawaii would be perfect for this special moment. The beautiful beaches and natural scenario was perfect for my unforgettable proposal. I needed to contact someone in Hawaii, who had experience with these events and new the perfect place for a sunset like no other to make this experience unique. I wanted this to be a surprise , so I kept it a secret to avoid any leaks to maximize the experience for my future bride.  


Paul (alohaislandwedding) was contracted for the event and man....was he perfect!!  His communication was phenomal, he was detail oriented, but most important, he wanted to make sure everything came out as perfect and beautiful as I wanted it to be.  He kept me appraised of every step of the way until the last minute, to include weather conditions and status of scenery. As you can tell from the pictures, this was such a special moment for both of us and our family.