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This colorful wedding in Hawaii cultural,Hawaii beach wedding, and a sand ceremony or blending of th

As Wen Song-Fite & I close out our last day here in beautiful Oahu Hawaii, we would like to sincerely thank Paul Agung & his wonderful wife Dewi, (pronounced Devie) for organizing our beautiful beach wedding & taking us to several beautiful locations for many many photos & video too. We thank you two so much, it was truly beyond any words I can put together here. Aloha & mahalo. And a thank you is also order for Reverend Christopher Cain, thank you for a perfectly spoken ceremony. Aloha & Mahalo Paul & Dewi make the process extremely simple, and go above & beyond your expectations. If you are engaged or soon to be, I highly recommend, check them out!

Aloha and mahalo family and friends ~Mark Fite~ Facebook

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