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Pretty , Happy and Love

Andi and I can't thank you enough. Fantastic beach location. Gorgeous photo shoot locations and photos. Amazingly quick processing time on our pictures and marriage license. My boquet was stunning and all the colors I wanted most. The entire time we worked with Paul and his wife. Our experience was so magical. They worked so well and things just flowed. She was was a total doll. Amazing photographer and great attention to detail. Paul preformed our dream ceremony. It's obvious they have years of experience. You really feel like you've known them for years. They are kind, talented, hard working, and go the extra mile. Also what we got for what we paid. Was a huge value. We tipped because they certainly deserved it. The wedding we were looking at doing in the Bay Area was going to add up to $70,000. Paul thank you for making our wedding affordable. So that we can buy a home. You really don't know what you've done for us. So let me give a serious bravo and applause. We hope to renew vows with our family in 2018. I know who we will call. So I recommend them to anyone getting married in Hawaii. You'll feel like your wedding was paradise. ~Jamie S.~

Thank you both! You created our wildest dream come true. Thanks for joining us on the big island.

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