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Chapel in the Sand classic style bamboo arch with Fabric

*I didn't mean to write such a long review. But I found myself not wanting to leave anything out. If you don't want to read the entire thing, just know that Paul & Dewi Agung could not have done a better job if they tried. They were both punctual, professional, well priced and beyond sweet. I highly recommend Aloha Island Weddings.* Planning a wedding is stressful, make it a destination wedding where you don't have the resources to do a site inspection beforehand? Add double the stress! My mom found Aloha Island Wedding's website and I read many, many reviews (along with other companies) and it all just made me nervous and not want to make any decisions. Finally I called him to get a better feeling on his planning skills. After all, it's not buying a pair of shoes, its planning your wedding, the supposedly most magical day of your life! My first conversation with Paul settled my nerves and I knew he was the right coordinator for us. Within 24 hours he already had a wedding site uploaded with how our wedding would look, down to the last detail. He handles everything! We reached out to him about 9 months before the wedding. After we made the decision he be our coordinator, we gave him a deposit. He didn't ask for any more money until about a month before, which was only another third of what we owed him, we gave him the final payment when we arrived. That made me feel so much better! I had this sneaking suspicion he was just some random guy on a pay phone screwing with us. But boy was I wrong. He called me almost a dozen times the week before we departed with questions about the cake, the reception we were planning, my marriage license, the day of itinerary (which he posted on our wedding website) etc. Every call made me feel better. I also sent two packages to his office beforehand that held my favors and welcome bags for my guests. He helped me track the packages and gave me confirmations when they arrived. When we arrived in Hawaii, he picked us up the following day to go over everything. He gave us a great foundation and all my nerves went out the window. He took us to the office to get our marriage license, he took us on a little hike up Old Poli Road and we did a quick photo shoot, then he took us to two locations of where we could be wed so we could make the decision. He took us out for Japanese Udon noodles and then he brought us back to his office to go over, literally, every single detail of the wedding. The music, the harpist, the sashes on the chairs and bamboo arch, the flowers, the cake ,the layout of the ceremony and more. He even took us to Wal-Mart so I could buy the last couple of items I needed for the welcome bags. The day of the wedding was even better than I had imagined. Paul's wife, Dewi, showed up around 9:00 with all the bridal bouquets, which were fantastic. She spent the morning taking photos of us getting ready, as well as my fiancé. She was open to the ideas that I wanted and came up with plenty of her own. I absolutely loved working with Dewi, she was so sweet and blended in! I'm sure she got some amazing candid shots. Paul even sent me some pictures as he was setting up the site out on the beach. The limos were great, picked us up right on time, and brought us out to the wedding site. The ceremony was absolutely perfect, the chairs, the harpist, the bamboo arch with the sashes and flowers were exactly what I wanted. Here's the best part. After the ceremony, while we were taking photos, guess who showed up? The police! I don't know who would have the audacity to call the cops on a couple getting married, but there they were making sure we had the right to be there. But our hero, Paul, pulled out the permit and they disappeared within minutes. I wish we would have gotten photos of that. After that we did photos on the beach and then we went up to Maku pu cliffs with Stephanie Y, who was so nice and great at giving directions of how to pose. Then we took the limo to our reception at Diamond Head Luau. Paul and Dewi came with us and we took even more photos- sunset and in the aquarium. Before we arrived I shared a picture with Paul for a night time shoot with sparklers. I think he was more excited than I was. He special ordered them and we did it for about an hour. It was late, the hubs and I were exhausted and he just wanted to keep going! The night finally ended and it was official. Aloha Island Weddings gave me the wedding of my dreams. ~Kelsie L~

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