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14 Somewhere Over The Rainbow_What A Wonderful World

April 20th 2022
Our proposal in Hawaii on the North shore  of Oahu @ Keiki beach 

Ana and Jatin met in the Summer of 2019 at Grand Park in Los Angeles, California at a dance event hosted by the City. Their love for dancing brought them together and continues to be part of their story. The next day they went to Echo Park for a walk and tacos!! After that day they couldn’t stop talking to each other, and shared various stories about their families, work, and friends. Ana was born and raised in Honduras, and Jatin in Kuwait. Even though they are from completely different cultures, they have always found a way on how to relate to each other and find beauty in their differences. They both love dancing, watching tv shows, sports (Jatin has made Ana a LA sports fan), hanging out with friends and food! Family and religion are very important for them
and feel very blessed to be part of each other’s life. 


The first Moment Jatin Proposes to Ana on the beach of the north shore of Oahu 

Engagement Proposal Ring