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Our vow renewal in Hawaii


Vow Renewal  in Hawaii 
Oahu - Kualoa beach park


​Our Children : 
Tray * Terrance * T'Asia

Our 34 Year Vow Renewal Wedding Pictures
@ Kualoa beach Park and Waialae beach 
Blessing of the rings , Sand Ceremony,
the exchange of the Hawaiian Lei's ,
Plus a Butterfly Release 

Our Vows to each other :


When I think about what it means to be us, I think about when we first met and how happy and in love we were. I think about our journy, how far we've come, how much we've shared and how many beautiful moments we've known between then and now.

When I think about what it means to be us, I think about, what a great couple we are, how much we enjoy being with each other and how blessed we are.

Because when I think about what it means to be us, I think about how much I loved you then, how much I love you now, how much I'll love you always.



To: Charles

" I am blessed with you, Charles. All my thanks go to God for our thgetherness through all these years which has enriched our lives beyond measure. And again I promise with all of my being to love you and cherish you all the days of our lives. As Christ helps me."

I got this from the internet, because I didn't know how I can write my vow in a smooth and romantic way. Honestly, marriage can't be wonderful all the time. It's many ways up and down. Our 34 years of marriage hasn't always been easy for both of us, but we always go through hard times and good times together. All I want to say is that I can't live without you and our beautiful children, in the same way that I can't live without air.

I thank God for giving me this gift and letting me to renew my vows right here, right now.

7th Dec, 2022   From: Mayumi


Our Vow Renewal Wedding Cake: Rainbow
 Guava , pineapple and
Passionfruit Cake


Mayumi and Chuck first dance for their 34 Year Vow Renewal
was to the Hawaii wedding song sung by Elvis Presley  

In the forest of Nuuanu in Hawaii by a waterfall