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20 Year Anniversary in Hawaii Celebration
Time of  Vow renewal : 5:30pm till Sunset
Location : Waialae Beach Park in Honolulu 


hawaiian flowers wedding
Flowers arrangements in the hotel
hawaiian flowers wedding

Marylou to Dave


D&M, 20 and More

For me,”It’s just a Number” is not only for counting birthdays or age, it’s for relationships too. HonPoi, here we are on our 20th.  it still feels just like yesterday when we are joined and blessed together. 

Short term memory lapses comes and goes now. But the day we first knew each other, how we knew each other (when you saw my pic w Big Tiger,  you emailed me right away and we email each other back) and finally you called. The first time you came to see me with a bouquet of   s, (later on you were scared you might not get  a second date coz you were skinny like a lizard and look like Chaplin), when you came  for the next days drive from the valley to downtown L.A. after work and go to work,  this made you tired and almost lost your job, when we first sat at Denny’s by Wilshire (later on u told me you were checking me out secretly from head to toe and of course the ladies you know), our  Starbucks coffee hanging out by Wilshire, when you joined me at 24 hours Fitness at night after work, on our first date seeing your clean car (I knew then you are a clean freak), our first date and dinner at PFChang (that was never ending talk we had of our past lives, we were just chatting and chatting) then we watch AI and where you grabbed  and held my hand, after several coffees and dinner, finally I let you kiss me tenderly after you drop me off from a date, remember all these? What about those kids in the apartment telling me your guy is up waiting fir  you w a bouquet of flowers, when you later on told me…you watch me get off from the bus then walk home from your car and slouch so I won’t see you (stalker you) , how the skinny you carried all those heavy boxes when we moved from

Serrano to a new place by St Basil church(trying to impress us?), to our Universal City Walk walks only no tour when you got me a phone and mailed back that phone another suitor gave me, our Zuma Beach Escapade with that cold water!,  when we watched a movie I think at Galleria and had a hard time to find your car after last full show we have to walk a long way to get back to you car the PCH drive to Malibu, Ventura to Santa Barbara..remember? What about the dancing nights we have- I have to ask you to pls stop and the karaoke nights w your Fave song My Wayall other driving around L. A. getting lost 99% of the time and the school ground ….all these is and will forever be saved in my hard drive. 


In a month and a half, we got married then a year later we had the reception as we need y too save first  not thinking what the future holds for both of us. Through all these years…from our room rental, to our first apartment in Lindley, our home in Santa Clarita, then moved to an apartment in NewCastle, the last 2 home rentals we have and now in our present home(all the handy Davey works you’ve done in these homes with your amazing skills)that day it rained on our farm in Amadeo under the banana umbrella taking out & eat fresh pineapple from the ground. and now our River Farm with all the upgrades done and still to be done in these  homes; with the vehicles we have, to our local travels and foreign. ALL of these I’ll remember… the few times we disagree on things only to find out am Right d ba


We may not have All the Money can buy but we have 

All the Love that No Money can buy and a comfortable life. Like what you’ve said.. it will come. 

Thank you Hon for the Care and Love all these years; thank you Hon for accepting me with my baggages, Thank you Hon for working hard for “Us” So Happy to be Your Wife..

I love you David Arthur Rahe Hodgson Jr…

To this Beautiful Day..Wednesday, August 17, 2021 More Journeys to our Life as we do our Coco River Walk to more HandyDavey skills. My SoulMate My BestFriend My Forever Love.

Thank You Lord, Thank You for Us 


Here are the Vows that I pledged to Marylou on August 18th, 2021.


My dearest Marylou, asawa, best friend, & soul mate….


20 years ago today we started our life’s journey full of excitement and hopes for a beautiful future.


And here we are now 20 short years later still excited about being with each other and looking forward to enjoying the beautiful future that God provided for us.


Hon, I know that there have been times when we didn’t see eye to eye, and we let the sun set without making amends, but through God’s good grace, and our life long commitment of love for one another, we always make things right and our differences are soon forgotten and replaced with fondness and laughter.


Bebe, I want to thank you for your sweetness, kindness, silliness, and your extraordinary ability to love me unconditionally.


In our original vows we promised to love, cherish, and care for one another through sickness and in health. In this area you got the short end of the stick because of how often I got sick and you needed to take care of me. You are my guardian angel, you are always by my side loving me, caring for me, and making life for us as beautiful as humanly possible.


For this I am eternally grateful 


Baby doll, I am so very proud to call you my wife, and I promise to   work extra hard to become the hero that you deserve.


I thank God for you, for us and for the beautiful life that he has given us.


I am super excited about our next 20 years and the awesome memories that we will make.


Hon, I truly hope that you are as excited about us and our future together as I am.


Thank you honey for being so beautiful, so loving, so funny, so hard working, so caring, so smart, so creative, so resourceful, so supportive, so encouraging, so giving, and forgiving, so innovative, and so perfect for me.


From this day forward I promise to be more patient, loving, caring, and considerate of your feelings and needs.


I promise to be a better me and make you and God proud of the person that I become.


Thank you hon for 20 beautiful years and the beautiful life that you made for us.


I love you hon, then, now and forever.