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Celebration Jimmy & Takang wedding in Hawaii

Celebration of Jimmy & Takang wedding in Hawaii , traditional Chinese Dress Wedding Gown


My wedding was four years ago but I wanted to put this review up for those who are looking for a wedding coordinator in Hawaii. I had the best wedding any girl can ask for; the wedding coordination, preparation, and results were extremely successful and could not have been better. Paul and Dewi's services will be your one-stop shop if you have a wedding in Hawaii. The day started with make-up and photography, everyone arrived on time and the make-up for all of my bridesmaids, mothers, and myself were immaculate. I felt like a princess and I have never seen my mom so beautiful! Our photographer was one of the best in Hawaii and he currently does work internationally. Not only did he take a pictures, he was also our fire dancer. We killed two birds with one stone there. Our beautiful ceremony was held at Waimanolo beach with a outdoor chapel adorned with beautiful fragrant flowers, a lovely harpist who played heavenly music, the sight of the turquoise-blue clear water with the backdrop of Chinaman's Hat, it was absolutely breathtaking and out of this world! Our reception was held at a celebrity house which we rented for the evening. It was so intimate for our family and friends, and we were glad we did not have it at a hotel or restaurant. Every sequence of events that happened were coordinated in perfect harmony. My wedding is still spoken about so highly to this day as being the best wedding my family and friends attended so far and we could not have done it without Paul & Dewi!

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