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Wedding in Hawaii

I worked with this company through the bride of the wedding I performed. Paul and Dewi were great to work with. Paul was extremely calm throughout the entire process and wanted the bride's input on everything. Far too often the wedding planner just talks a couple times to the bride and then goes off and does their own thing. Paul didn't do this. There were consultations and meetings leading up to the day before the wedding. I was able to run through the ceremony I had written up to finalize the format and how the ceremony would go. The wedding took place at Waimānalo Beach Park and it was verbatim, what the bride wanted it to be. There was a snafu with the bride's family who lived on the island not being able to find the wedding location. It involved some heated words between the bride and her family to which Paul stepped in, called the family to find out where they were and drove to their location to pick them up and bring them to the wedding site. It's comical looking back on it, but in the moment it was extremely stressful and Paul handled it with grace. Paul was also good about the groom's curve ball, the bride knew nothing about, to changing the first dance song. He was accommodating and just great to work with. A+ for sure ~Anthony C ~ Yelp review

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