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White Dove for Wedding Ceremonies

I am the Mother of the Bride for Stephanie Y and just wanted to join her in expressing my thanks for an outstanding job done by Aloha Island Weddings. Being in a different state, it is hard to feel apart of the joyful experience of planning a wedding, but I can thankfully say that Paul was so gracious to include me in on the website he created for my daughter, so we could share in looking at all the beautiful options to create the perfect wedding my daughter had envisioned. He thoughtfully returned my phone calls and happily honored my requests for a Hula dancer and ukulele player at the ceremony to entertain the guests. Even going above and beyond for us and providing a breathtaking dove release for the happy couple. Each and every moment was a dream brought to life. Much thanks to Paul and his wife, Dewi for making my daughter's special day amazing. ~Carol K~ Yelp review

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