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Engagement shot at Lanikai Beach with VrajaKisori & Steve Traditional - Reflective - Walking -

Traditional- Reflective -Walking - Playful - Kissing

Probably the most “traditional” type of engagement shot, side by side shots typically capture the couple walking, sitting, or maybe even dancing cheek to cheek.

My Fiancé and I are getting married here on Oahu. Much of our family is on the mainland. We wanted to send out wedding invites that were creative and original. We were so blessed to find Paul and Devi from Aloha Island Weddings!!! They were so kind, Paul spent hours in the hot sun to make sure we were happy with our shots. He even scouted out several areas to shoot before we arrived! I was amazed at how much happiness they felt that we were happy, it was genuine and heartfelt. They both have these exciting, creative and out of the box ideas. My fiancé and I loved it! We were so happy with our shots and received lots of feedback from our family about how professional and creative they were. Thank you Paul and Devi! We look forward to seeing you there when we tie the knot.

~Steve H~​ Yelp review

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