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Theme colors : White - Red -  Pink 
Blessings of the rings , Sand Ceremony, Hawaiian Lei's 
Hawaii Monarch Butterfly Release 


It was the middle of June 2017, a fateful night where two people took a chance. It all started with two right swipes and on June 14, a match was made. Gedd and Jenyl’s first interaction was on a dating app. After a couple of weeks of getting to know each other, they finally met up and went out on their first date. Gedd’s choice was a cool and hip bar and restaurant that served great chicken wings and sandwiches. Little did he know that Jenyl didn’t like chicken wings. He was scared that he blew his chances for a second date. Luckily, he was able to redeem himself since there was a nice Italian restaurant nearby where they had dinner and desserts to cap off a good first date night. 
A few more dates and conversations went on and Gedd finally asked Jenyl the question, “Would you be my girlfriend?” but was sadly turned down and was told “No, I need more time.” Days went by as they spend more time together. On the night of August 8, 2017, at around 10:00 PM, Jenyl found herself thinking hard about Geddand finally took a chance and messaged him asking him to be her boyfriend. Unfortunately, he was already asleep and couldn’t respond. The next day, on August 9, after seeing the message, Gedd felt like he was on cloud nine and responded with a resounding yes. The rest, as they say, is history. 
We all know how exhausting dating apps and figuring out texts can be, but Gedd and Jenyl’s story is a reminder that these apps do work. It was a success story of love at first swipe that
ended in wedding bells.   More of our ~ Wedding in Hawaii photos

White Sandy Beach Of Hawai'i

Butterfly Release 

The First Dance